Our Mission​

to be

frontline warriors

Impacting lives, restoring the broken, healing the wounded, and setting the captive free.

Stay Informed

Know the Facts

3.7 Million identified as American Indian/Alaska Native and another race.

656,000 individuals below poverty level.

15% lack high school diploma / GED.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among American Indians, and 2.5X higher than national average.

7% of homes in American Indian areas lack safe drinking water and waste removal.

Tuberculosis rate is 7 times higher than national average.

Chronic Liver Disease/ Cirrhosis is 4.6X higher than national average, and 5th leading cause of death among American Indians.

56% of women have experienced sexual violence in their lives.

Child Victimization and mistreatment is 3rd highest rate in nation.

79% of women have been sexually abused as children, by an average of 4 perpetrators.

our vision statement

Our Vision: To encourage, empower, and equip First Nations people to impact their community for Christ, through relationship, discipleship and higher education.