Letter from the President



In Genesis 3:9 God calls to Adam and says, “Where are you?”

It is important throughout our life to know where we are.

Geographically we have all types of ways to know where we are: landmarks, handwritten directions, maps.

But now everyone seems to be addicted to GPS, a global positioning system. Now, at the push of a button you get directions on getting back home from almost anywhere. Spiritually speaking, when we talk about coming home to God, the road will always lead you to the foot of the cross. When God created you and I, he placed a spiritual GPS in each of us, preprogrammed for home. This is God’s Positioning System.

Genesis 3:9 is a question that demands an answer from each of us. I’m sure when God asked Adam where he was, He knew exactly where he was and why he was there. The question holds much more meaning than a geographical location.

He is asking each of us the same question today:

Where are you in fulfilling His purposes in life?

Where are you in fulfilling your calling?

Where are you in with the goals He has directed?

Adam had violated God’s instructions to him. He had dishonored God’s word and yielded to temptation. He had been given unlimited potential and was enjoying all the benefits that God had given to him, but Adam chose disobedience.

Does any of that sound familiar in your own life?

Are we doing what God created us to do?

Are we being all that we can be to bring honor to the Kingdom as we enjoy all His blessings?

Have we chosen a life of mediocrity, when God wants you to travel forward into your promise land?

You may ask yourself, “With a built-in spiritual GPS, how do we get off track?”

With any GPS, you can choose to follow the directions or go your own way. The same holds true for God.

When you choose to go your own way, the voice on your GPS, the Holy Spirit, will begin to say, “Make an immediate U turn, turn right and then go straight.” That road will take you by the cross where Christ paved the way for you to make it all the way to your heavenly home.

Sometimes in life we try to trick our spiritual GPS and make it think we are traveling the right way. You may think it is working, because you are going through all of the motions and saying all the right things, but eventually you will come to a crossroad or a fork in the road. At this time, you are going to have to make a decision.

Remember, through it all, God knows where you are. Are you on the main road or a frontage road?

People, countries, and even churches and denominations face these issues. When society begins to influence our spiritual GPS, it is time to recalibrate or install a fresh word update. We have to decide, do we keep moving forward in political correctness, or follow our spiritual GPS? Sometimes we have to disconnect and choose to follow our personal beliefs, even if it means leaving the group.

You may be saying, “I can’t do this whole life for God thing. Look around us at the attacks coming from every direction. How can I withstand everything that is coming at me, besides, I am only human.

I did mention that you have a GPS in you, but not just God’s Positioning System. He also installed God’s Power System in you...Acts 1:8.


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