Letter from the President


Your Nest will be Stirred

 By: Johnny Hughes

           The waves crashed at the feet of the giant, jagged cliffs as if try and topple the massive figure looming over the waters. The clouds scrolled across the blue sky, and a shadow raced by, as a majestic eagle silently lands on the edge of an open crevice on the cliff’s face. Perched atop a mass of weathered sticks and driftwood, that had been knitted together to form a nest, the parent begins to feed the hungry fledglings.

            After weeks in the nest, the time has come for the young eaglets to try their wings and begin the pursuit of their destiny - to soar to the heavens. The parent enters the nest and begins to stir and flap her wings. This commotion causes unrest with the young and they eventually clamor to the edge of the nest. Below is the crashing waves and giant boulders, but above them is a bright blue sky leading to the horizon. As they begin to flap their wings, unsure of what to do, the parent nudges them to step off and trust their instincts and the wind.

            As the young eaglet finally releases its grip on the nest and launches forward, it begins to frantically flap its wings and soon finds itself falling out of control. The waves and boulders below drawing closer with every second, when suddenly, out nowhere the parent eagle settles in under the young and on the back of the parent is returned to nest. Now, as it is perched on the edge and ready to soar, the young eagle, renewed strength and confidence, full of faith and trust, is ready to step into its destiny and soar into the heavens where only eagles can go.

            Much like the young eaglet, we enjoy being settled into the comfort of our “nest” perched on the security of our salvation and relying on others to feed us spiritual food. However, too many people become so dependent on others feeding them that they become fat on the Word, but have no application of their knowledge. Fear of inadequacy and failure grip many and they become satisfied to remain in the nest. The call on their life seems too large and scary and all they can see is the waves of life crashing in on them. It is the uncertainty of stepping out on nothing and trusting that our Father will be there to settle under you and carry you like an eagle, that keeps many from reaching their destiny.

            Any bird of prey can be controlled by placing a hood over its head and eyes to prevent it from seeing the surroundings. Many times we allow the enemy to blind us from the reality of where God wants to take us; therefore, we are afraid of what we cannot see. The fear of the unknown locks many of us in our present condition and when the enemy can keep you settled where you are, accepting life as it comes, will keep us from fulfilling the mission that God has created us for. According to the book of Jeremiah, we were all created with a purpose and we will never know that purpose until we respond to the stirring of our nest.

            When God began stirring my nest and the realization of the call He was placing on my life became evident, I was unsure how I would ever accomplish the task. Stepping into the shoes of my father, James Hughes, to carry his vision to the next level was a daunting undertaking. The same passion that he had for seeing our Native American brothers and sisters come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ was burning inside of me, but how could I do this?

            At a women’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Sister Annette Watson of Florida shared with 500 women about stepping into their destiny.  I felt a stirring inside me, but I said to myself, “This is a women’s conference.” Then Sister Watson called me forward to share a word from the Lord. With tears streaming down my face, she began to say, “I see the desires of your heart and your destiny has arrived. It is time for you to step out and do the work I have called you to do. If you step out now, all of your uncertainties will become substance under your feet. Woe to the one who doesn't answer My call.”

            These words struck a chord in my heart and that stirring caused me to step out into nothing and find God settling under me and carrying me into my destiny. Deuteronomy 32:11 says, “As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, spreading out its wings, taking them up, carrying them on its wings… Isaiah 40:31 says, “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (NKJV)

            The eagle has long been a symbol of power and courage. Many cultures around the world hold it in high esteem. Every Native American tribe holds the eagle in a position of high honor and respect. Because the eagle could fly to such heights that it could not be seen, many tribes believed it was sent from God to carry their prayers to the heavens. The Bible holds many references to the eagle and its wisdom and strength. It is a majestic bird like no other.

            The eagle builds its nest in the high places and when it takes flight, it drops into the flow of air and rides the winds across the sky. Because of its size, with wingspans of 6ft., it must soar and not flap its wings extensively. It would exhaust its strength if it relied just on its own ability. Much the same way, we must realize that to reach the full potential of God’s plan for our lives, we must launch into the flow of the Holy Spirit. We cannot accomplish the fullness of life under our own power.

            Is God stirring your nest?

            Are you ready to soar with the eagles?

            Drop into His flow, and let’s go!



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